POS Integrations

Image for Lightspeed to integrate POS with online orders
Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS is used worldwide, and Flipdish integrates directly with Lightspeed POS to bring your online orders directly from your Flipdish system into your POS.

Par | Pixel Point POS

Are you one of the thousands of restaurants using Pixel Point? Use Flipdish for your online orders, and you can integrate your online orders with your Pixel Point POS

Oracle Micros POS

The Oracle Micros Series of POS Systems are used worldwide, and the Flipdish API allows you to integrate your online orders directly into your Micros POS System in your food business.

POS Systems

Flipdish integrates with the world’s most popular POS systems to bring your online and offline orders together on one screen.

Delivery Partners


Flipdish now integrates with DOORDASH Drive to bring your restaurant seamless last mile delivery.

Stuart Online Ordering Integration

Flipdish works with the Stuart API so your orders can be brought into the Stuart system automatically for delivery management.


Flipdish integrates with VROMO so you can send your Flipdish online orders directly to your VROMO system for automatic last mile delivery.

Delivery Partners

Flipdish integrates with leading delivery partners to provide your restaurant with seamless last mile delivery.

Integration Partners


With the Flipdish open API you can now integrate online orders seamlessly with Deliverect.


With the Flipdish Otter integration, you can now effortlessly receive all your online orders in one place, supercharging your restaurants productivity.


Take the hassle out of time-consuming, day-to-day tasks with the Flipdish Zapier integration which connects all of your apps so that they work together automatically.

Integration Partners

Flipdish integrates with multiple partners to provide your restaurant with the best technology solutions.  

Flipdish works with your business

Facebook Logo for Online Order Integration

Flipdish websites and apps can integrate with Facebook to give you a connected understanding of your followers & customers.

Google Analytics logo for Online Order Integration
Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics with your Flipdish online ordering website and apps for a complete understanding of your business online.

Intercom Logo for Online Order Integration

Want your customers to be able to interact with you easily? Integrate Intercom directly into your Flipdish ordering website and app.

Build Your Own Integration

Use the Flipdish API to integrate your business with our online ordering platform.

Flipdish works with

Online Food Ordering with WordPress

Flipdish works with your WordPress website. If your restaurant website is on WordPress, you can easily add our online ordering features to your website.

Online Food Ordering with Squarespace

Flipdish works with your Squarespace website. If your restaurant website runs on Squarespace, it’s simple to add Flipdish online ordering to your site.

Online Food Ordering with Shopify

If you use Shopify, Flipdish works with your website so you can easily add online ordering for your restaurant, deli, cafe, or takeaway.

Online Food Ordering with Craft CMS
Craft CMS

A popular website provider in the Netherlands, Flipdish online ordering can easily be added into your Craft CMS website.

Make Flipdish payments with


Flipdish works with your WordPress website. If your restaurant website is on WordPress, you can easily add our online ordering features to your website.

Apple Pay

You can now make payments through Apple Pay web ordering, making it faster and more secure to order your food online.

Google Pay

Have a Google account? You now can order online securely and efficiently with Google Pay via Flipdish web ordering.

Microsoft Pay

Pay seamlessly for your online orders with Microsoft Pay connected to Flipdish web ordering.

Integrate with Flipdish and take advantage of these features

Online ordering

You get a beautiful ordering app and website for your restaurant or takeaway. It is optimised to convert your visitors into repeat, loyal customers. Read More.

Powerful dashboard

Manage your sales, track your performance, understand your customers, and take control of your online ordering success with a powerful dashboard. Read More

Android & iOS app

Get a native Android & iOS App for your business. Impress your customers and maximise your online ordering growth with these beautiful orderings apps. Read More.

Multi-page website

Get your own mobile responsive multi-page website. Now your customers can order from any device, and your website will always look beautiful. Read More.

Loyalty system

You get an automated loyalty system that helps you to increase sales. You can automatically reward your customers for ordering more items, more often. Read More.

Retention system

Use the in-built system to retain more of your existing customers. You can incentivise your customers to come back and order if they haven’t ordered in a while. Read More.

Marketing tools

Use your suite of powerful marketing tools to grow your online sales. Send push notifications to your customers, create vouchers, and promote your latest deals & special items. Read More.

ePOS integration

All of your orders in one place. Integrate your orders from the Flipdish online ordering platform directly into the your POS system for easy management. Read More.

Dispatch integration

Integrate with 3rd party delivery driver software. Notify your delivery drivers as soon as you receive an order through your online ordering platform. Read More.