Digital ordering website and app for retail grocery

Now more than ever, customers use online ordering websites and apps both for convenience and to earn reward points. For your retail grocery business, having a branded website and app means more orders, more business, and enhanced customer convenience.

Whatever the exact nature of your business, our online ordering system can support your business needs. You get a website with fully integrated online ordering where customers can place an order in just a few clicks either for delivery or collection.

With Flipdish, customers keep coming back for more. We give you access to customer data and insights that can be used to optimise performance. We’ll hook you up with our Customer Success team who will help you every step of the way because we want you to succeed. We’re in this together.

With a branded app you get your logo on your customers’ phones supported by our world-class technology that converts clicks into loyal customers. Having your own branded app gives your customers a fast and simple way to order from you regularly.

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Self-service kiosks for in-store deli ordering

If deli and hot food to go is part of your offering, we can help there too. Flipdish kiosk ordering solutions means great customer service and higher order values. More revenue all round!

When customers have to queue, they go elsewhere. Research shows that a line of just five people is enough to push more than half of customers out the door and over to a competitor. By the time the line reaches 10 people, 91% of customers will leave.

Changing consumer behaviour is driving demand for self-service kiosks in every area of the hospitality industry. They offer speed, convenience and accuracy. It’s like having an extra pair of hands at the till to take orders, freeing up other staff to focus on creating a better customer experience.

Self-service kiosks speed up the ordering process, making for shorter lines and happier customers. Your brand will be the one they remember next time they’re in a hurry and deciding where to eat.

Not only will you get food out faster, customers’ also spend on average 30% more when ordering on a kiosk. Self-service kiosks provide an opportunity to upsell and promote higher margin menu items.