Digital ordering website and app for hotels

Hotel guests want to order digitally. Digital ordering allows reception staff to focus on guests and chefs to concentrate on cooking. Our online ordering system is easy to use and offers opportunities to increase revenue by upselling extra menu items.

Customers use online ordering websites and apps both for convenience and to earn reward points. For your hotel, having a branded website and app gives you access to lots of useful customer data that supports higher order volumes and more efficient operations.

Whether you’re single hotel or multi-location, our online ordering system can support your business needs. You get a fully integrated online ordering website customised with your hotel brand where guests can place an order and pay in just a few clicks.

Hotels using the Flipdish ordering system can streamline operations across multiple hotels as it provides control and insight to better track processes and performance across the entire business.

Guests will also keep coming back for more with loyalty features built into the system to encourage repeat orders. You can manage your customer data to discover insights that will optimise order demand.  

With a branded website and app powered by our world-class technology, guests have a fast and simple way to order food and beverages from the hotel menu.

Flipdish Table Ordering Flipdish Table Ordering
Hotel tablet food order

Management Tools

Track and manage an entire business from one dashboard
Real-time online sales reporting across multiple locations
Centralised dashboard to manage sales data
Monitor staff activity with audit logs
Grant staff access permissions for specific operations
Edit menu items centrally or by individual location
Track data across multiple locations or drill down to specific locations
Reduce human error

Operational Efficiency

Automated orders to portal/kitchen/POS
Error reduction
Intuitive single back-end for all touchpoints
Manage peak-time orders and payment with ease and speed
Edit menu items centrally or by individual location

Reliable and Secure

Cutting-edge technology
Cloud-based software
Integrations with major POS providers

Customer Insights

Top level customer data and insights
Drive repeat orders with loyalty tools
Customisable discounts and offers
Voucher codes
Push notifications

Ongoing Investment

We are committed to multi-million dollar investment in R&D and tech innovation to continuously step up our product suite and features.

Marketing Service

Targeted advertising
Team of experts
Tailored marketing plan
Visibility on social media and SERPs

Dedicated Support

We provide 24/7 technical support as well as hands-on help with deployment, operations and success. Our dedicated customer success team works directly with your business to optimise online orders and ensure maximum ROI from Flipdish technology.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers say

We partner with hospitality businesses around the world to drive their success through our online ordering system for food and beverages.

“We have had great success with our online ordering website and app, powered by Flipdish, at the Novotel Charleroi Center hotel. Guests have the convenience of ordering directly from the Gourmet Bar menu on their own mobile device. The data shows that of orders in the first six months, 90% were done online via the website or app and 10% over the phone. Our hotel guests want to order online.”
Hotel Manager, Christophe Vantyghem,Novotel Charleroi Center Hotel