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The Dish: Spring ‘24

Here’s your seasonal edition of The Dish, home of Flipdish product updates, news, and more. Have we been busy these past few months? We have launched new websites and mobile apps, added a ton of new features for the Flipdish POS, improved our voucher system, and enhanced the UI of our kiosks. Phew!

Here’s the scoop!

Alexandra McKay
Author Alexandra McKay
The dish spring update 2024

🤩 New restaurant websites and website builder

After months of research and testing, we’re excited to launch the next generation of our restaurant websites so you can offer your customers a unique, modern online ordering experience that mirrors your brand and that will help you drive more sales. To complement the new websites, we’ve also introduced a website builder that will give you more control and flexibility over the look and feel of your website.

Laptop on table showing moving screenshots

Redesigned from the ground up, your new website will offer more creative options to make your brand shine thanks to new, flexible design templates. We’ve also improved the user experience to make it easier for your customers to order (and re-order!) from you and to track their orders in real-time. The new website builder will allow you to easily adjust copy, change colours, add images, create new pages, feature customer testimonials, and much more.

We’ll slowly be rolling out the new websites. We’ll email you a link so you can review, edit, and publish your new site. You can also access your new website directly via the Flipdish Portal. You’ll have until July 1, 2024 to make as many changes as you’d like to your new website before it goes live.

Flipdish portal Website Builder

Read our announcement to learn more or get the details in this video 👇

🎉 Fresh designs for our mobile apps

We redesigned every page, menu screen, button, form and everything in between to make sure your customers have the best experience possible when ordering from your iOS or Android Flipdish mobile app, and you can show off your brand and your delicious food to your most loyal customers.

Mobile apps UI redesign

Here’s what’s new:

  • New main menu design

  • Meal deal & add-ons progress bar

  • Revamped checkout page

  • Re-order, basket toggle, order status…and more to come 👀

We started rolling out the new app design in March. We'll first update Android apps, and then, once completed, we'll update your iOS app.

Want to make sure that your iOS app is updated with all these great new features? Don't forget to accept the Apple Developer Program License Agreement and make sure that your Apple Developer membership payment is up-to-date. If you don't take these two actions, Flipdish won't be able to update your iOS app, you'll miss out on new revenue opportunities and Apple might even take down your app from the Apple Store 😱.

Check out our blog for more or get a quick run-through of what it looks like to place an order in the video below.

🚗 Manage your drivers from the Flipdish POS and more!

It's now possible to manage all your deliveries and drivers right from your Flipdish POS. With the new delivery management module, you have full visibility over all aspects of your deliveries:

  • Track drivers on the map

  • See the status of each delivery

  • Get live ETAs

  • Assign drivers to orders

  • And much more!

Now, you can be confident that your staff and drivers are always in sync, ensuring deliveries are efficient and mistake-free.

See how it works in this quick demo video:

Omnichannel loyalty

We’ve been hard at work these past few months so that you can give your customers the ability to accrue loyalty progress and unlock rewards no matter what channel they order on. Whether it is a digital order placed online, on your mobile apps or an offline order that is placed in-store or over the phone with the Flipdish POS, your customers will have the same seamless loyalty experience. By offering your customers this experience, you drive more customer evangelism, repeat visits, higher frequency, and bigger order value. You also incentivise customers to join the loyalty program, giving you the option to market towards some of these customers with future promotions and campaigns.

To learn more about omnichannel loyalty, check out the video below:

Other Flipdish POS improvements

Our Product and Engineering team regularly updates the Flipdish POS. Stay in the know by clicking on the bell icon right from your main POS screen.

Beamer What s new

Here’s what’s been made available to you recently:

🥳 Voucher improvements

Many of you have been asking for more flexibility in our voucher system. Here are two updates that we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

Introducing channel-specific vouchers

We’re thrilled to announce our newest feature for our voucher system: channel-specific vouchers. This update enables you to create vouchers that are redeemable on specific platforms - Web, iOS, Android, POS, and Kiosk. It’s a fantastic way to tailor your promotions more effectively. Easily set this up via the Flipdish Portal:

Channel specific vouchers

Maximum discount limits on percentage vouchers

We’re also proud to announce a significant upgrade to our voucher system. You can now set a maximum discount amount for your percentage-based vouchers. For example, you could set a maximum discount of £20 on a 20% off discount. That way you can reward your customers without breaking the bank! Note that for the moment, this enhancement is only available for Web ordering, iOS and Android apps, and Kiosks. It’ll also be available in-store on the Flipdish POS shortly.

Head to our Help Center to learn how to set these two features up on the Flipdish Portal. Stay tuned for more voucher improvements in the future!

🖥️ New on Kiosks: UI improvements to speed through ordering

We’ve made it simpler and faster for your customers to order through your Flipdish kiosk. Check out our new capabilities:

Multi-brand support

If you’re operating two or more brands at the same location, you’ll love this update. Your customers will now be able to combine items from separate menus into a single basket and pay for their order in one go.

Multi brand support kiosk

New layout to display all your menu options

Do you have menu items with a large number of customisation options? These options are now displayed on two columns instead of one so your customers don’t have to scroll through your different options for too long.

New layout to display options kiosk

Flipdish at the Dublin Hospitality Expo and Belfast IFEX 2024

We met many of you at the Dublin Hospitality Expo and Belfast IFEX this winter. Our whole product lineup was in action, and it was great to showcase how our technology helps thousands of restaurants across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Want another occasion to try our POS, KDS, kiosk, websites and mobile apps? Check your inbox for the next Flipdish customer demo days in Portlaoise and Dublin.

That’s all for this edition of The Dish. Stay tuned for more. If you’re looking to get started with Flipdish, or even understand more about how your platform can work best for you? Reach out to our team at any time.

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Interested in finding out more?

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