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Sales increases for Mao, Bombay Pantry and Base Pizza since switching to Flipdish.

Ciarán Gallagher
Author Ciarán Gallagher
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Sales increases for Mao, Bombay Pantry and Base Pizza since switching to Flipdish.

Mao Takeaway, Base Pizza and Bombay Pantry have moved from strength to strength in the last number of years from their humble Dublin origins. But with this enormous growth and popularity the profit margins stagnated and remained so for some time. In the early days these three takeaways relied on traditional marketing, word of mouth and flyers in the letter box to get their brand seen and gain customers. Yes this hard work put in by the restaurants ultimately benefited them but with a cost, the commission associated with third party portals.

This on top of their annual rising commission fee’s of up to 17%, they independently realised it was time to reclaim their business back. Having reached out to Flipdish to them to regain control over their app and website was integrated with

Flipdishs slick new design allowing them a (needs to be phrased better.)

Today now holding 22 premises between them, dotted around the city these three takeaways have become undisputed leader of the Irish takeaway market since switching over to Flipdish.

Originally before mobile ordering became the new way to get you

The most interesting aspect these three takeaways found in particular was their online presence. When their brand was searched the results listed were the micro sites listed under Third Party Portal domains meaning they were

  • Real Loyal Customers
  • AdWords SEO and Mobile Optimised:
  • Accurate sales figures:
  • Sales boosted hugely and no longer being forced to pay high commission on a third party service

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