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Google Series: Making the most of Google Ads

Author Maeve
Google Series: Making the most of Google Ads

The Benefits of using Google Ads on Business.

Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) is an online advertising service created by Google which enables a business to reach target audiences through the creation of specific advertisements based on keywords.

Advertising on Google allows individuals and companies to advertise to audiences that are interested in the products/services they offer. Google ads are displayed on Google’s Search Network as well as on their Display Network which consists of partner websites.

A business must first set up a Google account and set their budget before they can begin competing for the display of their ads. Google Ads works on a bidding system to determine the rank of an ad. You must bid on different criteria to have your ad placed at the top of the search results page or get displayed on other websites.

The two main criteria affecting your advertising rank are your Max. Cost Per Click Bid and your Quality Score. Your maximum CPC bid is how much you are willing to pay per click on your ad for a particular ranking, e.g. 2 euro. The quality score consists of several components:

The optimisation of your landing page, your expected CTR (Click-through rate), and the relevance of your ad in relation to the search.

Types of Ads:

Display Ads

Video Ads

Text-based Search Network Ads

Application-based Mobile Ads

Google Shopping

Why use Google Ads?

The majority of users will find success on Google Ads, however, it is a matter of trial and error so you will need to budget accordingly. The average CPC (Cost Per Click) across all industries is 2.32 euro on the search network, and 58c on the display network. Some reasons you may consider trying it out are:

#1 To interact with potential consumers.

The goal is to bring in new customers to buy your products or services based on search queries conducted by actual people.

#2 To drive sales conversions.

Google ads is one of the highest-converting traffic sources. Google's Display Network reaches 90% of all internet users and has more than 2 million websites connected to it.

#3 To strengthen your brand.

An effective advertisement can help your business stand out and create brand awareness for your product or service.

#4 To track user behaviour.

Google Ads is a useful marketing tool. You can use it to target consumers based on specific criteria such as demographic, interests and topics, and use the information generated to re-target people who do not convert right away.

#5 To compete with competitors.

Appearing higher up in searches related to your industry may grab the customers attention at an earlier stage of the buying process.

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