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Combat staff shortages and make up to 20% more on each order with a sleek self-service restaurant kiosk.

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Trusted by thousands of independent takeaways, franchises and chains across Ireland

Bust queues and reduce staffing costs

Let us introduce your newest teammate. Quick, slick and never gets sick, your restaurant kiosk can take up to four orders a minute.

Lean up rotas and decrease your staffing costs while keeping your customers happy.

Increase your average order

Increase your average order value by up to 20%

Flipdish restaurant kiosks aren't just speedy, they're proven to increase basket size.

You'll love the boost to your bottom line while your customers enjoy a quick and easy order experience.

Show off your brand

Show off your brand with custom kiosk wrapping

The Flipdish team can help you create a beautiful design that matches your brand, and give you tips on how to increase kiosk usage so you can take full advantage of your kiosk.

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Northern Ireland Flag Northern Ireland Restaurant/Takeaway 1 Outlet

“People who come in and use the kiosk always comment on how easy it is to use and how much time it saves. It’s also easier for customers to spend more. If they're thinking about ordering a 10”, they’re more likely to hit a 12”, and they are more likely to pick from a list of extra toppings. It’s so easy to get customers to spend more money when they order through kiosks.”

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Daniel Cozzo Owner Farina Pizza, Farina Pizza

Features designed to fast-track orders and grow your revenue

Give your customers an incomparable ordering experience that effortlessly reduces mistakes or misunderstandings.

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Intuitive menus

We've made ordering simple so your customers don't have to read a manual to order from you.

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Easy customisation

Customers can quickly customize their meals with available add-ons and modifiers.

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Menu upsells

We'll automatically show your customers other popular items so they can add more to their baskets.

Zoomed in tip option

Loyalty and tipping

Customers can redeem vouchers and collect loyalty. You can also collect tips for your hardworking employees.

Menu breakdown

Speedy checkout

A clear checkout screen makes it possible for customers to correct mistakes or add even more!

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Integrated payments

Flipdish kiosk card readers support a variety of payment cards and NFC-enabled device payments.

There's a Flipdish restaurant
kiosk for you

Compatible with Flipdish Online Ordering, Flipdish POS and other POS systems.

24 floor kiosk

    24" floor or wall mounted

    Super fast and super user-friendly, the K2 Kiosk comes with a secure card reader and mounting options to fit seamlessly into any space.

    15 table kiosk

      15" table top

      The compact and powerful K2 Mini Kiosk features a reliable card reader and straightforward customer interface.

      15 table top

        15" table top

        A countertop kiosk with all the necessary trimmings that suits a variety of store locations and setups.

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        Our knowledgeable team of experts will help you find a plan that works for your business.

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        Self-Service Kiosk

        Quick, slick and never get sick, kiosks ease pressure on staff, and increase orders

        From 59 €/month

        Billed annually, per site. €79 if billed monthly (ex. VAT)

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        Implementing a Flipdish kiosk doesn't mean giving up on your existing technology. It's easy to integrate your orders from a Flipdish kiosk directly into your POS system. Get in touch with our Sales team to find out if our Flipdish kiosks can integrate with your POS system.

        That’s not a problem. You can still get a Flipdish kiosk. Thanks to the Flipdish Portal, you’ll be able to create your menu, manage your orders, report on your performance and receive your customers’ payments. Get in touch with our Sales team to learn more.

        It’s super easy to add a kiosk if you’re already a Flipdish customer. Flipdish kiosks use the same online ordering system as Flipdish websites, so you’ll be able to get set up in a breeze. Contact your Flipdish Account Manager to learn more.

        Our friendly onboarding team will be with you every step of the way to help get your kiosk set up. We’re also available seven days a week via WhatsApp, email and phone to help you troubleshoot any problems that you might encounter.

        Better together

        Flipdish is your all-in-one restaurant management solution. Save hours on admin and double entry by connecting your online ordering system to other awesome Flipdish services.


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