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We are proud and excited to introduce a new design for your Mobile App. Built to drive more revenue, turn one-off customers into your most loyal, and give you the opportunity to show off your brand, your menu and your store in the best place it can be—the home screen of your customer's phone!

After processing millions of orders and carefully learning from your customers’ behaviours, we’ve completely redesigned our mobile apps from the main menu, to the checkout screen, even how your customers add tips—it’s all new!

Starting this March, we'll slowly roll out the new app design. We'll first update Android apps. Once completed, we'll update iOS apps.

Check out a quick run-through of what it looks like to place an order in the video below or keep reading for all the juicy details.

Logging in, adding menu items and checking out even faster than before 🚀

We took a deep dive into the elements that in general should go unnoticed and not cause any frustration during ordering - buttons, address entries, toggles, adding cards, tips, etc. We significantly cleaned these up and ensured they never caused friction when your customer was starting their order, or adding to their basket.

The best part - all the key info like address, favourites, and payment info is stored in the app so your customers can re-order their favourites in seconds!

Logging in adding menu items and checking out even faster than before

A sleeker design for the main menu, meal deals, and more…

Cleaner design, more white space, engaging menu images—we’ve totally revamped our main menu to make sure your customers can explore your food easily.

Things like order type (delivery/collection), pricing info, add-ons and extras, a meal-deal progress bar, and collection/delivery time wheel all have been improved or added. These crucial elements and more have been redesigned to make sure your customers can find their favourites, add them to their basket, and checkout with minimal issues.

A sleeker design for the main menu meal deals and more

New Cart Toggle: Better experience while reducing order error 👀

The addition of the Cart Toggle means your customers can now see what they’ve added to their carts mid-order. A much more ‘expected’ experience that allows your customers to view and edit their order before they get to the checkout page. A small but powerful addition to the customer experience. For your restaurant, this means a reduction in orders that are being placed with mistakes or errors, and of course, happier customers using your app!

New Cart Toggle Better experience while reducing order error

Revamped checkout page - smoother experience with easier tipping 💰

We’ve mentioned the redesign checkout experience already, but let's dig in a little further. We gave the checkout experience, from information on your order to tipping, to payment a full makeover. The goal here was to ensure that the final step in ordering gave no friction. How?

  • Key information in the right place
  • Edit-in-basket means no more navigating back to the main menu
  • The new tipping module has clearer buttons that show predicated tip values and emojis related to the tip amount
  • Preferred payment methods and cards are simple to scan, add, edit and store for future orders
  • In-screen windows and pop-ups mean never leaving the checkout page when adding tips, new cards or similar.
Revamped checkout pagesmoother experience with easier tipping

Tracking the progress of orders in-app with Order Status ⏳

One of our major releases of the year - Order Status, is now available on Mobile Apps. Order tracking is almost a given, or at least expected, when ordering food (or anything) online today. So, as soon as your customer places an order to when the food is delivered or collected - they’ll be able to track its progress in-app. This should mean fewer calls to your restaurant, less confusion during ordering, and a better overall experience for your customers.

Tracking the progress of orders in app with Order Status

What's next? 👀 🎁

Additional updates are also in the works for Mobile Apps, coming later this year. Think of new capabilities like prompting your customers to add more items to their basket before checking out, an improved loyalty program experience, and more! Stay tuned!

Don't miss out! Make sure to accept Apple's Terms and Conditions

Want to make sure that your iOS app is updated with all these great new features? Don't forget to accept the Apple Developer Program License Agreement and make sure that your Apple Developer membership payment is up-to-date. If you don't take these two actions, Flipdish won't be able to update your iOS app and you'll miss out on new sales opportunities.

No need to worry about your Android app, there's nothing you need to do on your end to ensure you get the latest design update.

Share your feedback

As we begin to roll this new update out, we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts, feedback, and questions on the fresh new look. We’ve made a significant effort to focus on what makes a great app for takeaways and QSRs, doubling down on our mission to help these exact types of businesses thrive.

If you’re an existing customer and seek more information, please contact your customer success manager.

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