Online orders for takeaway and food delivery in Germany up 245% during COVID-19

Conor Ward
Author Conor Ward
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The number of online orders for takeaway and food delivery in Germany has jumped a massive 245% during the COVID-19 crisis, while the average order value per delivery is up 20%.

Our customer data also shows a significant shift to afternoon orders (3 - 6pm), with more than half of the total orders (57%) being processed during these hours.

The data reveals a shift in consumer behaviour as a result of the lockdown measures introduced in Germany, similar to many other countries around the world.

While a lot of restaurants and takeaway businesses have closed, others are finding ways to keep their operations running. Flipdish has seen a 185% increase in new customers signing up in Germany in March, as companies quickly seek out digital ordering and food delivery solutions.

Among our new German sign-ups there is even a Michelin Star restaurant based in Berlin. So it's very exciting and encouraging to have that calibre of business coming on board with us.

Europe in lockdown

Much of Europe remains in lockdown as governments take strong action to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Some of the worst affected countries globally are Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the UK.

While restaurants are closed for dine-in across much of Europe, takeaway and food delivery services are still allowed to operate. The pandemic has put the hospitality sector under severe strain. Many businesses are struggling to survive and thousands of staff have lost their jobs.

Germany was put in lockdown on March 22 and while the government has begun to ease restrictions officials say it could be a long time before daily life returns to normal.

Ritual quits Germany and The Netherlands

The crisis has also negatively impacted food delivery marketplaces. Ritual, a marketplace offering customers pre-order and pick-up only, has announced that it is ceasing its operations in Germany and The Netherlands as part of its response to the crisis.

The company is winding down and eventually withdrawing operations in both countries, despite having only recently launched its mobile app in these markets. The move to exit Germany and The Netherlands is part of a raft of cutbacks at the Toronto-based company, including laying off more than half of its employees.

This latest development comes hot on the heels of Deliveroo’s exit from the German market in mid-2019.

Online orders in Germany up 245%

Flipdish Country Manager for Germany, Mazen Tadli, is optimistic that the hospitality industry will bounce back after the crisis.

“A lot of restaurants and takeaways are adapting their business models to mitigate the impact of the crisis. Many traditional dine-in restaurants have introduced online ordering, takeaway and food delivery to keep their businesses going,” said Mazen.

“The increase in the volume of orders for our customers in Germany shows that there is an opportunity for hospitality companies to come out the other side of this crisis in good shape if they adapt. We are experiencing a much higher volume of enquiries into our office in Berlin from restaurants and takeaways looking for a digital ordering and food delivery solution,” he added.

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