Influencer marketing: Is it right for your restaurant?

Author Christina
Influencer marketing: Is it right for your restaurant?

Influencer marketing can sometimes feel like a blind throw of the dart in the hopes it will land on a bullseye. Though many have found great success with their influencer marketing campaigns, others have found their campaigns didn’t meet their expectations at all.

If you are considering hiring an influencer, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before making that leap.

1. Know your customer

Knowing your ideal customer and how they exist on social media is the first step towards success. Who are they? What social media platforms do they exist on? What are they interested in? The answers to these questions should start to match up with your ideal influencer. For example, if your ideal customer is in the 18-25 year old age bracket and you are looking to promote your own makeup brand, you might want to look at MUA influencers on instagram rather than business influencers on LinkedIn.

Influencer marketing: is it right for your restaurant?

2. Engagement rates vs follower count

Your chosen influencer might have a lot of followers, but are they engaging with the content? Sometimes influencers have a lot of followers and low engagement rates, and some influencers have a low amount of followers but a high engagement rate. It's important to make sure that their audience will see the post and interact with it otherwise you may find your time and resources being spent with no results. Make sure to ask about how much engagement your influencer gets on their posts, as well as their reach and impressions.

3. Have clear goals

There are so many stories out there about how people achieved incredible results from influencer marketing, and it can be easy to expect you would achieve the same. However, every influencer is different and each has a different audience that responds to different content. To avoid disappointment, set clear goals and objectives so that both parties understand what is expected from each other. This way you can have a clear idea of what results to expect, and also the influencer knows what they need to achieve to ensure you are happy with your investment.

4. Know your budget

Influencer campaigns can range in budget. Some may promote your brand by reviewing your product in an exchange called gifting. This is when you send your product to influencers for free, however they are under no obligation to review your product. Some may have set fees per post or per story post regardless of how much free product you offer. Consider how much you want to spend/how much product you want to gift and make the decision that works best for you, your brand and your budget.

Top tip

"When working with an influencer it's extremely important that the entire process is straightforward and easy. If you’re considering using vouchers or a discount code for your influencer marketing campaign, make sure that your entire team is made aware of the offer so that they can deliver the best experience possible." Maeve Gallagher, Managed Marketing Executive at Flipdish
Restaurant Influencers receiving their food order

5. Influencer relationship

To get the most out of your influencer campaign, it can be helpful to see your influencer as a partner brand rather than a person with a following. Your influencer has a responsibility to be authentic and engaging to their followers, and you have a responsibility to achieve your business goals. Try to create a win win situation with your chosen influencer so that your success is tied together and you are more likely to see the results you want. This can help you form a relationship with your influencer, and may lead to more prosperous campaigns together in the future.

With all this taken into consideration you should be able to see not only if influencer marketing is right for you, but also how to do it effectively. If you find that this is something you want to pursue, take it step by step and make sure to communicate with your influencer every step of the way.

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