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Rushour POS Integration for Online Orders

With the Flipdish x Rushour integration, you can streamline your web, app and kiosk ordering processes to your existing Rushour POS. Rushour POS can help to reduce errors in your ordering process and saves you time. Orders no longer need to be manually entered into your POS.

At a Glance

  • Connect all delivery platforms and online ordering in 3 minutes

  • With the RusHour integration, all your online orders can be centralised on a single tablet, and printer

  • Analyse all your data online in real-time and leave nothing to chance

  • Edit your menus from one place

  • Increases your business efficiency, as orders come in quickly and can be processed faster

  • Reduce oversights and order errors

What is it?

Flipdish integrates directly with the Rushour POS, allowing you to have both offline and online orders in one place. Once you have your online menu created on Flipdish, the Flipdish items are mapped directly to your Rushour products available on your database, which will synchronize your POS system with your Flipdish online menu enabling orders to get fed directly and automatically accepted into your POS system once the order is placed.

    How does it work?

    When a customer places an order the Flipdish system communicates with an application that is installed on your POS system, this application (Flipdish POS app) is being installed by your reseller or the Flipdish team. The Flipdish POS app communicates with your POS software and pushes the order to your POS.

    All of this happens within seconds and is fully automated. There is no need to keep an eye on the Flipdish Portal for incoming orders or use the Flipdish terminal to view and accept orders.

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