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Relay last-mile delivery integration for your online orders

Configure your online orders to notify Relay last-mile delivery service and get your Flipdish online orders out the door seamlessly.

Provide seamless delivery through our partners

Flipdish integrates with a range of delivery partners to provide your restaurant with seamless last-mile delivery.

Through our last-mile delivery partners, you can integrate a food delivery service with your Flipdish online ordering system. For many restaurants, this could be the final missing link in the supply chain, as it serves people in their homes and provides a straightforward end-to-end customer experience.

By integrating your Flipdish online ordering with one of our delivery partners, you are effectively bringing all the key aspects together into one system. For customers, it means they can make orders through your Flipdish-powered website or app and the delivery component is taken care of seamlessly within this - it’s all one process.

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