API Integration for Restaurant Orders by Flipdish

By April 12, 2018 Online Ordering

Here at Flipdish we love building things. Loyalty campaigns, customer retention systems, pretty reports, and so many more things. But lets face it — there are some things that we would never build ourselves and some things that we will just never get around to building. Maybe you want to automatically increase the price of your Coca-Cola on warm days. Maybe you would like to sound a siren in your office when you hit 1000 orders in a day. Both of these would be awesome features, but they probably won’t be built by Flipdish anytime soon. Don’t fret – now you can build whatever you need yourself, with our API integration for restaurant orders.


Announcing the Flipdish API & Webhooks

By using the Flipdish API, you can automate a lot of your restaurant’s tasks. Automate things like updating restaurant opening hours, adding/removing items from your delivery or collection menu, accepting online orders etc.

Using webhooks, you can take restaurant management even further. Now you can get real-time notifications of events, and decide what to do. Information now flows for you. You can receive notifications when new online orders are placed, customers sign up for your online ordering service, loyalty vouchers are sent etc.

One simple and extremely useful integration of Flipdish webhooks would be to ‚Add customer emails to my Mailchimp mailing list‘. Another use that takes it even further, is a fully fledged integration with your POS system. Using the Flipdish API to integrate with your POS/EPOS you have the ability to have automatic menu syncing and order insertion, plus much more.

Using our API integration for restaurant orders, order insertion would take online orders and include them in your POS. As a result, you spend more time on success, and less time on repetitive processes.

Other things that are possible with the Flipdish API Integration for Restaurant Orders:

  • notify your delivery company when an order is ready, including collection and delivery location
  • add customer phone numbers to a SMS list based on whether they’ve given marketing consent
  • add customer emails to different mailing lists depending on how many orders they’ve placed
  • automatically add your sales information into your online accountancy system


API Integration Costs

How much does Flipdish API access cost?

There is no charge for access to the API. It’s completely free.


Using the Flipdish API Integration for Restaurant Orders

Would you like to try out our API for your food business? Put on your developer hat and head over to https://developers.flipdish.com. On the developers site for our API, there is full documentation and a full API reference.


Need an online ordering system to integrate with your EPOS?

With the announcement of the Flipdish API, we can take your restaurant even further. Therefore, you can use our online ordering system in conjunction with your current in-house system. Contact Us here to get started integrating today.