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We are delighted to have you as a Flipdish partner and are looking forward to helping you transition from Appaway’s platform.

Flipdish will transform your existing online ordering process and customer experience, not to mention help increase your average order value and your customer base with our outstanding online ordering platform, websites and apps.

You will benefit from our best-in-class Marketing to grow your brand awareness and customer reach and watch your orders increase steadily.

You will be able to integrate your orders directly into your POS system and with last-mile delivery partners to ensure a smooth business flow.

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Trusted by thousands of brands globally
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A message from our CEO

“When Flipdish was founded in 2015, we had planned on making a single app which would allow consumers to order from any of their local restaurants. We had been talking to many restauranteurs over the course of a year and learned about the dramatic negative impact food marketplaces were having on the industry. Thereupon, we decided to dedicate Flipdish to giving restaurants the digital tools to win online, to give them best-in-class technology which will give them the edge over food marketplaces and allow them to maintain a direct relationship with their customers. And this remains our goal today.” Conor McCarthy, CEO Flipdish
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Meet the UK Country Manager

"We are so happy to welcome you to Flipdish. Over the last years, we have already helped thousands of food businesses just like yours thrive online. We are experts in helping you grow your business and many of our customers have seen growth of up to 30% since partnering with us." - Fionn Hart, UK Country Manager

Everything you need to grow your restaurant business

Comprehensive online ordering, customer data and profiling, integrated loyalty and retention campaigns. All with one goal: more revenue for your business.

Everything you need to grow your restaurant business

Online Ordering

Easy-to-use, intuitive online ordering

Flipdish is optimised to ensure a lightning-fast user experience. The sort that converts first-time visitors to customers, and keeps those customers coming back.

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Everything you need to grow your restaurant business

The Flipdish Portal

Mission control for your business

Flipdish doesn't just give you the ability to accept orders online — we give you the power to easily manage your online ordering business from a central mission control.

Build on detailed data relating to your orders, your customers, and your business performance, Flipdish gives you the knowledge you need to grow your revenues and your brand

Everything you need to grow your restaurant business

Table Ordering

In-store ordering, direct from the table

Table ordering reduces staff costs and eliminates mistakes, helping the bottom line. It makes it easy to update the menu and manage promotions and upsells. And like any form of digital ordering, it is proven to increase average order size.

Everything you need to grow your restaurant business

In-Store Kiosks

Self-serve digital ordering

Reduce queues and increase average order size with our range of in-store kiosks.

You let us know what you need, we handle setup and installation. Your customers enjoy faster, smarter service.

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What Flipdish data shows

The Flipdish system provides powerful marketing tools to help increase your sales and customer loyalty. Flipdish gives you built-in automated tools that keep your customers ordering frequently, and rewards them for placing regular orders.

11x ROI
11x ROI

On average, for every pound spent on loyalty, there is a £11 return

Less than 1%
Less than 1%

Restaurants that use Retention invest less than 1% of total net sales

2x more orders
2x more orders

Customers who use Retention generate 2x more orders than those who don't

2.5x more
2.5x more

Customers who use Retention spend 2.5x more than those who don't

How will Flipdish fuel your growth?

Flipdish allows you to automate and customise an entire marketing program - direct from the Flipdish portal.


With Flipdish, everyone’s a marketer! It’s easy to build and customise campaigns that deliver SMS and push messages to your customers at just the right time. We give you all the tools you need to build relationships, and turn every one of your customers into a long-time loyal supporter of your business!
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Existing customers are 50% more likely to try one of your new products and will spend 31% more than new customers so it’s important to retain these customers. Not seen a customer for a while? Flipdish automates delivering discounts to customers you’d like to see again - and lets them know on your behalf.
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Flipdish Phone Marketing (FPM)

Did you know that customers who order online are up to 4 times more valuable than traditional phone or walk-in customers? Flipdish Phone Marketing gives customers that call your business the option to order online. Never miss an order during busy times, and capture customer information directly into your database.
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First-order discounts

Want to get more of your customers to order online? Incentivize them with a first-order discount! First online order discounts is a powerful way to encourage customers to change their buying behavior, switching from ordering via traditional platforms like phone/walk-in, or from other online 3rd party food portals.

See what our other customers have to say

Our customers are what drives us. We work hand in hand with food businesses all over the planet, helping them delight their customers and drive their brands onward and upward. But don't take our word for it. Let them do the talking.

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Cuffed-in Coffee

Flipdish Academy - Our Free Learning Resource

Flipdish Academy is a free, online resource that Flipdish customers can access to learn about our products and how to grow their businesses

Learn from Kristian Cuffin from Cuffed-In coffee how completing the Flipdish Academy courses has developed his understanding of Flipdish products and helped his business thrive.

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The Beaumont Arms

The Beaumont Arms

Learn from David Robertson, owner of The Beaumont Arms pub in Huddersfield, UK, how Flipdish Table Ordering has been 'monumental' for his business, increasing turnover by 80%

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Discover how Ryan Lynch, owner of pizzeria chain DOUGH, is using Flipdish solutions to increase online orders and expand his business.

We've compiled a list of resources to get you started.

Getting started with Flipdish is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Set up your portal by clicking here and using your email address and login password.

  2. Use our free Flipdish Academy to learn about our products and how to grow your business steadily.

  3. Check out and register for a free live onboarding webinar here.

  4. Our Help Center articles offer advice to ensure you get started easily

  5. Read through our blogs to learn how you can optimise specific business areas

  6. Visit our Flipdish Shop to learn about our products, Marketing kits and our QSR Restaurant Kiosks

  7. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us at [email protected].

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