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Introducing Flipdish Academy – a place to learn and grow

At Flipdish we’ve never been about selling software.  Instead, our focus has always been on helping our customers build successful food businesses. We view ourselves as a partner rather than a vendor. That’s why every Flipdish customer has access to world-beating customer support and customer success teams, who work with…
Tom Farrell
februari 15, 2021
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Maximize revenue with Pre-Ordering and Order Throttling in Flipdish

Now more than ever, maximizing revenue is vitally important for anyone in the restaurant and hospitality industry.  Fortunately, over the past few years (and certainly the past few months) we’ve seen a rapid increase in alternative revenue streams available to hospitality businesses in the form of click & collect and…
Tom Farrell
oktober 15, 2020
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Data: The secret ingredient in your restaurant’s success

Great restaurant businesses are built on great brands - and both are built on a loyal customer base. Sometimes great food and great service are enough, but if you want to be sure, really knowing your customers can help. That’s where owning your own data comes in.  Many moons ago…
Tom Farrell
augustus 28, 2020
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Want to make more money? Go digital!

There’s a growing body of evidence that consumers spend more on digital platforms than they do with face-to-face transactions. And that is particularly true when it comes to food ordering. Digital means more convenience, of course. When we can order our next meal from our phone screen, perhaps it’s no…
Tom Farrell
augustus 24, 2020