Covid-19 update: Content for your restaurant’s social media

In unprecedented times like this, communication is key. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate updates about your business to your customers.

With this in mind, we have created some content that you can share freely on your social media channels. All you need to do is copy the content and images and then paste to your social media channels. Simple.

Option 1: Covid-19 Safety Procedures

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⚠Covid 19 customer announcement ⚠ We’re doing our best to make our service as safe as possible. By reducing contact and encouraging our customers to pay by card we can decrease contact and any reducing chances of spread. We’re all in this together.

Option 2: Business as Usual

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⚠Covid 19 customer announcement ⚠ Yes, we are open! For now, it is business as usual. Hopefully we can bring some food and some joy into your life. Thank you for your support

Option 3: It is Safe to Order Food

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⚠Covid 19 customer announcement ⚠ We want to put your mind at ease. Know that it is safe to order food. Research from the World Health Organisation shows that coronaviruses need a host (animal or human) to grow in and cannot grow in food. Thorough cooking is expected to kill the virus. So, it is unlikely the virus is passed on through food and there is no evidence yet of this happening with COVID-19 (coronavirus) to date.

Option 4: Support Local Businesses

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⚠Covid 19 customer announcement ⚠ Local Businesses mean local jobs that support people in your community. So please remember to shop local and online with us to support local families. We thank you for your continued support

Option 5: Contactless Payments

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⚠Covid 19 customer announcement ⚠ We kindly request that you use contactless payment methods where possible to avoid cash handling.

Option 6: No Touch Delivery

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⚠Covid 19 customer announcement ⚠ To protect yourself and our delivery drivers, please ask for contactless delivery. Online, please request this through the notes box on the checkout page E.g . “Please leave the food on the doorstep and knock to let us know it’s delivered”