Captiva ePOS Integration

for Online Orders

Flipdish directly integrates with Captiva POS and is an excellent option to streamline your online orders + in-store orders.

Integrating with Captiva will reduce errors in the ordering process, and best of all there is no manual entry required.

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At a glance

Combines your online sales with your in-store reporting

Reduces touchpoints for orders that are received into the store

Eliminates requirements for manual entry

Frees up valuable counter space as your Flipdish terminal can be removed

Syncs automatically with new products that are added to your menu on the Flipdish portal

Increases your business efficiency, as orders come in quickly and can be processed faster

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Flipdish POS Flipdish POS
At a glance

When a customer places an order, the Flipdish system communicates directly with the Captiva system. Flipdish sends the order to the Captiva Cloud where Captiva receives the order and finally gets them to the POS you are using in your restaurant.

This process is fully automated and happens within a few seconds.

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