Flipdish: a partner in the growth of your business

Our pricing model is simple, with a fair, low commission rate.

Flipdish: a partner in the growth of your business

Third-party marketplaces are eating into your profits

Getting direct orders with your own online ordering system could save you thousands.

Use our simple calculator to find out how much your food business can save with your own website or app, powered by Flipdish. We calculate this by comparing with the average fee of 30% charged on marketplaces.

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Not just a product: a team of experts on hand

We’re more than just state-of-the-art sites and apps. Our marketing engine helps you grow your brand, and our customer success and marketing teams are always there where you need them. In fact every one of our customers has a dedicated Customer Success Manager. As such, our pricing is based on fair commission rates that adapt as you grow to ensure you’re always paying a fair price for the service we deliver, and there’s no monthly charge so if you’re not receiving orders, it costs you nothing.

Everything you need

A fully-featured digital ordering platform and restaurant growth engine

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