Improved fraud detection released

By septembre 9, 2019 Restaurant Marketing

The core rule that we fall back on here at Flipdish when designing products is that every feature should give the best possible experience for the customer. This has manifested in many ways, such as as not requiring customers to type in long email addresses, not requiring them to remember passwords, using geolocation to help complete their address etc.

One area where we have ensured that the user experience was as good as it can be is in how we handle fraud detection when people pay using credit cards. We have put significant engineering effort into advanced fraud detection systems which allow us to keep the level of disputed payments ultra low while not degrading the user experience. This means that we haven’t in the past required any users to use 3D Secure, which is where users typically are sent to their bank’s website and asked to enter in a few characters of a password.

Despite the advanced systems in place, from time to time we receive orders that look ultra-risky and we need to reject them, even though there is a chance that they are legitimate.

Recently the 3D Secure experience has been much improved and often involves being sent a verification SMS from your bank to confirm payments, instead of requiring you to remember a long password.

Today we are announcing an upgrade to our fraud detection systems which allows us to continue to accept most orders without 3D Secure verification and also accept risky looking payments by requesting 3D Secure verification. Now, in some situations, your customers will be asked to verify their payment is legitimate by completing a challenge by their bank (such as replying to an SMS or entering a verification code that has been sent to them by SMS).

What does this mean for you, the restaurateur? More payments will be accepted, fewer payments will be rejected, and the (already low) level of disputed payments will be even lower.

Here’s an example of an order before this change was made, It looked risky and was automatically rejected:


And here’s how it looks with the new system in place. The user was asked to complete 3D Secure verification and the payment was processed and the order passed to the restaurant.