The all-in-one POS system

The Flipdish POS has everything your takeaway or restaurant business needs, baked into one intuitive system, including a centralised menu management system that saves you time, a Kitchen Display System that increases speed and accuracy and inventory management to monitor costs.

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Image 1 A point of sale for all your needs

A point of sale for all your needs

Built by quick-service restaurant owners who know exactly what you need (and what you don’t), the Flipdish restaurant POS system gives you visibility across your entire business with an all-in-one restaurant management system that can be customised to your unique ways of working.

Zoom in on the little details to improve the big picture by proactively managing costs, inventory, staff, health and safety procedures, sales channels and more.

Image 2 Clarity and control in the palm of your hand

Clarity and control in the palm of your hand

Get a 360-degree view across your whole business with the Flipdish POS system. See what’s working and what’s not, fix issues before they become bigger problems and get true visibility on costs and P&L in real-time.

  • Comprehensive reports and insights
  • Cost management at the ingredient level
  • Staff rotas and payroll based on sales forecasts
  • Simplified accounts management
Image 3 1 Better communications

Better communication. More efficiency. Higher margins

Reduce stress, reduce mistakes with a restaurant POS system that improves communication, speed and accuracy in the kitchen. Automate fiddly admin tasks so you and your staff can focus on your customers.

  • Kitchen display system tailored to your unique workflows
  • Real-time inventory levels and supplier management
  • Centralised menu management
  • Food safety tracking system

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