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Connecting Buyers and Suppliers

Head office location: Dublin, Ireland
Where do you operate: Ireland, United Kingdom
List of services: B2B Ordering

About us

We connect Buyers and Suppliers in the Hospitality Industry and Make Ordering Simple for both. Allowing for full order traceability and a place to meet new customers on our Free iOS and Android App.

UnifyOrdering Connects Buyers and Suppliers in the Food and Drinks Industry. We streamline the ordering for Suppliers and Producers to one simple dashboard that can be linked to their invoicing system. Removing the need for difficult to understand voicemails and multiple order streams. This allows the Supplier to digitise their product brochure with images and reduce their paper use, put special offers in their customer's hands 24/7 and manage buyers cut off times, delivery days, standing orders and much more.

When an order is sent through Unify, it can automatically produce an invoice dramatically reducing order processing time. For the buyer, the IOS and Android App, allows them to have complete traceability with all team members on all orders, for Free.

View who ordered, when the order was sent and have peace of mind with 'in-app' order confirmation, real-time spend and live reports, all in one place. UnifyOrdering has organically created a network of Buyers and Suppliers where businesses' can connect with current customers and meet new.