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Inspiring people to experience life

Head office location: Dublin, Ireland
Where do you operate: Global
List of services: Enable venues to promote their property in low season / low periods on a pay as you go model

About us

Smartbox takes experiences (e.g. meal for 2) and promotes them on its 17 websites and in physical boxes in 18000 retail stores across 12 countries in Europe (e.g. Carrefour, Galerie Lafayette, Mondadori, Manor, Inno, El Corte Ingles etc.) as well as online through Amazon and

Smartbox is the world leader in Experience Gifts, with #1 market position in Europe across 12 countries through brands such as Red Letter Day (UK), Bongo (BE & NL), Odisseias (PT) and Smartbox in IE, FR, IT, CH, DK, SE and ES. Packaging experiences to make them a thoughtful, meaningful gift while also helping venues win new customers at low periods has enabled Smartbox to establish the Experience Gift market now worth more than €1bn in Europe.

Smartbox business is 100% incremental due to retail channel distribution and the gifting format. Smartbox has direct relationships with 7,000 restaurants and 17,000 hotels across Europe each earning an average of €8,000 per year.