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IES, Inc.

Technology. Web. Simplified.

Head office location: Massachusetts, United States
Where do you operate: United States, Canada
List of services: POS system sales & support, technology troubleshooting, web design & hosting

About us

IES is focused on providing the critical services that business owners need to succeed in this increasingly technology-driven, highly competitive economy. The Internet presents an unbridled opportunity for small businesses but also presents a challenge. Small businesses that use the Internet and technology to their advantage will succeed. Those who do not will likely fail or miss out on significant opportunities. We understand small businesses and believe in the American entrepreneur and that with the right help, almost anyone can be a successful business owner and live the American dream.

Our competitors are missing the mark when it comes to serving you and other small business owners & entrepreneurs. The competition does not take the time to understand you or the unique aspects of your business, customers, or industry. Many players in our space provide cookie-cutter solutions that lack innovation. At IES, we understand that your company is your livelihood. You deserve significant attention, as well as innovative and effective web design and IT solutions that complement your business model, set your business apart from the competition, and meet the demands of a merciless marketplace.