The food your customers love hasn’t changed.

The way they order it has.

Automated Orders

Receive all of your orders from the kiosk straight to the flipdish portal, your existing Flipdish ordering terminal or into your existing EPOS.

Processing Payments

Accept card payment at the kiosk (or cash payment at the counter). A Flipdish EMV is included, so there’s no need to create new merchant accounts.

Quick and Easy Setup

All inclusive implementation, we take care of everything from the hardware, software and installation.

Intuitive Backend

Manage your shop settings from within the Portal. Update your menu items quickly and in real time.

Quick and efficient service

With a Flipdish Kiosk your customers can now order from your establishment more efficiently than ever before.

By reducing your in house ordering process to just a few taps you will have orders flying in quicker than ever before. 

With its intuitive design and clean layout, it can immediately boost your sales, motivating customers to add those little extras they didn’t know were available to them.

Kiosks present additions to your customers’ orders in the most tempting way. Our Kiosks seamlessly integrate with the Flipdish online ordering system and portal.

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Flipdish Kiosks
Employee satisfaction

Increase employee productivity

Even your best employees may get overwhelmed during a busy dinner service. The easy solution would be hiring even more staff, however, the clever solution is to offer an intuitive alternative.

Allow your staff to focus on sales and providing excellent customer service, by shifting additional customers to order from an in house kiosk.

This will allow you to keep your staff operating a peak performance without jeopardising the quality of service.

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Maximise customer loyalty

An easy to use and efficient ordering process is paramount to any customer experience. Offering a gratifying alternative to waiting in a queue will boost customer loyalty from the get go. 

A kiosk is a tempting option to potential walk in customers. Whether it’s a pick up restaurant or a dine in option, the Flipdish Kiosk with its fast ordering procedure will keep your customers coming back.

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Maximise loyalty
Make queuing a thing of the past

Make queuing a thing of the past

Nothing makes a potential customer walk away from a restaurant faster than a massive queue. A simple ordering solution makes long queues a thing of the past.

With shorter queues and a regular bustling service, your business can accept more orders than ever before without the need to add more staff to the payroll.

Keep up to date with your customers’ needs and offer an effective solution that is perfect for your customers’ needs.

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32″ Kiosk

Stylish and functional 32″ display, encapsulates smart design and customisation.


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22″ Kiosk.

Stylish and functional free standing design, with wall mount options available.


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15″ Kiosk.

Stylish and functional tabletop design, perfect for any quick service restaurant.


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